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Agile software development Process: stand-up meetings in a bacancyer way

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Anyone who belongs from the world of software development and has ever used any modification of Agile methodology would not need the introduction of a stand-up meeting. Over the last 12 years, Agile has achieved an enormous amount of popularity. However, it is still needed to have some base to start from.

Let’s say, you are having a quick team meeting, usually standing, so, because of the physical inconvenience you would probably prefer to be short on your updates. By the way, here I am not going to focus on the main benefits of stand-ups, instead, I would rather share an experience that how Bcancyer makes their stand-ups effective and more enjoyable. Yes, it’s a practice that we’ve had at And It over the years.

Stand up meeting, you can also address it as a recurrent meeting with the common purpose of the team work on the same goal. The purpose is

  • Getting all members on the same Page
  • Be updated about each of the team member’s plans, progress, questions and things that block the progress
  • Answer their current questions and efficiently help them to prevent blockers

And it stand-up meeting rules:

We Strictly follow the set of guidelines listed below, Give Your Update In A Way, You Would Like To Hear Others Following the goal of the stand-up meeting, each of our team member is required to serve a common goal like what are the current plans,each of the team members has the same focus,issues affecting individual development, and queries. So, we make sure to follow the principle “give your update in a specific way that you would like to hear others, as it helps all the team members to understand the issue.

Add a sense of recurrence

We ensure to add a sense of recurrence in each of our team members, it does not matter whether it is daily, weekly or bi-weekly.For example, if the team is allocated full-time, then we make sure to have an efficient stand-ups as the daily ones, as the work progress changes as per the day of work. Whereas on the contrary, if the progress over time does not seem satisfactory, then the team should go for weekly stand-ups. So we make sure that the recurrence is fulfilling the simple principle of keeping an eye on the same direction and steady progress of its work.

Be On Time

8 members waiting for 2 people, should not disturb the stand-up’s schedule. This is why, every Bacancyer firmly respect the colleagues’ time and ask each of the team members to be on time. So each of our participation is sure to be on time, as being late is a clear disrespect of other members.

It is reasonable to remain short

The And it individual team participates in the daily stand up meeting in a reasonably short period of time. As the organization as well as the client cannot afford to take a significant amount of time. Generally, for the each department, we take 20 to 30 minutes of time period, 3-4 minutes per member’s update including the 10 minute question’s session. We tell each of the members to talk straight to the point and be reasonably short.

Do not jump into every single detail

We make sure that each of the team member is informative yet reasonably short. Jumping into every specific detail would take a lot of stand-up’s time. So, if any, of the team member feels an urge to discuss on any specific topic with the specific participants, then we arrange a separate discussion.

Ensure, All The Team Members Are Included

Following the stand-up’s principle, we make sure that each of the team member is present in stand-up; so, he/she can have a clear image of current state and team member’s progress.

Have Defined Structure And Discipline

We follow the listed below rules to keep our stand-ups as efficient as possible.


Individual updates

Updates about the completed work from earlier stand-up What he/she has planned until the next stand-up A list of the questions he/she would like to ask Blockers, prevent his/her progress Instead of who’s next? We advise to declare the next person in queue or address him/her with personal identity.

Write Notes Beforehand

Each And it is aware to write the notes before stand-up so, the other person does not distract during his/her updates.Generally, the scrum master inform sin a group to prepare notes 10 minutes before the meeting.

A Dedicated Lead

To keep up the discipline and follow the stand-up structure, our Agile approach is led by a single responsible person, scrum master. However, being a leader in Agile Methodology, daily stand-ups has become a part of Bacancyer’s DNA.



And it is a global leader in Agile and Lean product management. Stand-up meeting is a useful and efficient tool, when it comes to Agile development practices. We have become the master of this art through daily practicing Agile methodology. We have helped numbers of big entrepreneurs to make their way to success.

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