And It Agility

Version Q3, 2020

And It Agility is a document that we publish every six months or so to educate our valued readers and clients with the list of emerging technologies. The Software development industry is progressing too quickly, and we wish you to stay updated with the latest technology trends so you can pay attention to the top-notch technologies that we will adopt and implement in your next project. At And It, we want to be at top-of-the-line in technology choices, to objectively assess technology for the problems we see in today’s digital age.

For any tech geek, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with all the latest technologies and Bacancy’s Tech Agility is an experiment that will help you to stay on top of the newest technology trends.

In-person, we conduct a productive brainstorming session for hours before adding a single technology in the Tech Agility list. If you're interested in getting someone to talk about the Tech Agility, then fill-up the form and get in touch with our skilled expert today.


The enzyme is a JavaScript testing utility for reacting and it is making a lot simpler to manipulate, assert and traverse your React Components' output. Enzyme offers a mechanism to traverse and mount React.js component trees. It helps us get access to its properties, state and children props to run our assertions. In many of our projects, we combine Enzyme and Jest to mount a ReactJS component and run statements over it.

AD - Architectural Decision (AD) is a form of document that architecturally records functional or non-functional decisions that impact a project. The impact to be architecturally significant within a project with their context and consequences, we recommend these details to store in source control instead of a website or wiki as the record remains in sync with the code itself.

Kotlin is an official and new programming language for Android. It is an oss statically-typed programming language based on Java virtual machine from JetBrains, the maker of the world’s best IDEs. Kotlin has both object-oriented and functional constructs. As a language, Kotlin is more concise. The development of Kotlin was explicitly to eliminate the verbosity of Java language, which means a programmer won't be required to deal with a massive amount of repetitive coding. With a concise, intuitive and compact coding syntax, Kotlin is helpful in coding time as it fastens the whole deployment process.

Gobot is a framework for the Internet of Things (IoT), robots and drones written in the Go programming language. It is a next-generation robotics/IoT framework that supports 35 different platforms. We utilize this framework for the experimental robotic projects where the real-time response is required. Gobot has an extensible system for connecting to hardware devices. Gobot includes RESTful API to enable simple hardware integration of any connection, device or robot in your swarm to create prosperous applications.

Kubernetes is an extensible, open-source and portable platform for managing containerised services and workloads that facilitates automation and declarative configuration. Kubernetes is also referred as K8s and has its own rapidly growing ecosystem as well as services, support, and tools. We are using this open source platform to orchestrate, scale, and operate containers across clusters of hosts. Kubernetes is highly recommended for any business that needs a high availability solution as it ensures the service continuity close to 100%.

OpenZeppelin is a battle-tested framework for writing secure Smart Contracts on Ethereum, EVM and other eWASM blockchains. We are using OpenZeppelin to build distributed applications, protocols and common contract security patterns in the Solidity language. The open-source community validates the framework and we recommend the use of OpenZeppelin for implementation of the ERC20/ERC721 token.

.NET Core is an open-source re-implementation of the .NET framework, which provides features to develop super-fast APIs for web apps. Microsoft wants to replace the .Net framework with .Net Core to build cross-platform applications. Our developers are using .Net core to build server-side applications that run on Windows, Linux and Mac. We use .Net core to build web applications, class libraries, console applications and unit tests.

Docker is a containerization platform that automates the deployment of software applications inside a Docker container to ensure that your application performs seamlessly in any environment. Docker provides a container environment as it can be used to host any application of your choice. Docker is itself an organisation that promotes and evolves this technology, working in collaboration with Linux, cloud and Windows vendors, including Microsoft. We make use of Docker containers as a light-weight solution to virtual machines.

Python is a general purpose and fastest growing key programming language that is widely used by thousands of people for developing desktop GUI applications, websites and web applications. Python is also used for NumPy, Pandas, Machine Learning and Matplotlib libraries for Data Manipulation and Visualisation. A globally renowned organisation like YouTube, DropBox, Google, Quora and Netflix are using Python. As per the Github, Python is the second most used language in the world. We have gained result oriented experience in Python, and we are offering a wide array of services to the enterprises looking for high-end yet affordable custom Python development services.

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Hyperledger Composer is an open development toolset that allows operators, business owners & developers to create smart contracts and blockchain applications to solve business problems. We are using Hyperledger to build and configure the core components of the blockchain that includes the network’s digital assets, participants, transaction logic, and access control. The Linux Foundation hosts Hyperledger Composer.

Apollo is a suite of tools to quickly build self-documenting and production-ready API for GraphQL using data from any source. It works great as a stand-alone server to build a universal GraphQL API on top of your existing REST APIs. Apollo provides GraphQL gateway and server framework to the Apollo client to simplify the problem of binding UI components to data served by any GraphQL backend. Apollo is used by Amazon AWS in the new AWS AppSync service.

Polycloud is an evolving cloud strategy, which is taking hold across a range of organisations. Polycloud lets you use multiple cloud vendors instead of using a single cloud vendor. By doing this, polycloud lets you build your customised cloud solution following your unique requirements. Rather than going ‘all-in’ with one cloud service provider, polycloud helps to pass different types of workloads to various providers using the best match that each cloud provider offers

Three.js is an API - application programming interface, and cross-browser JavaScript library used to build animated 3D computer graphics inside a browser. Three.js makes use of WebGL. The web graphics library is a JavaScript API for rendering interactive 2D and 3D computer graphics within any well-suited web browser without the use of plug-ins. It is a lightweight library that makes it so simple to get started with 3D programming inside the web browser.

The web Bluetooth API is a low-level API that communicates over GATT with nearby Bluetooth-enabled devices in a secure and privacy-preserving way. Web Bluetooth allows a browser to unite and control Bluetooth devices around you. With web Bluetooth soon, almost all the objects around you would become smart and would connect digitally. We use the Web Browser to target specific scenarios that previously could only be solved with a native application. You won’t require to have a separate app for each device, making use of a browser, and Chrome is one of the major browsers that are supporting this specification.

It is a powerful practice that is revolutionising the way software is designed and engineered at some of the largest-scale operations. Chaos engineering is a kind of experiment on a distributed system to build confidence in the capability of the systems to withstand realistic conditions in production. Where other practices address flexibility and velocity, Chaos tackles the uncertainty in the distributed systems. We use chaos engineering to innovate quickly at massive scales and give end users the supreme experiences they deserve.

At And It, we have been leveraging the benefits of BackstopJS for visual regression testing for web apps. BackstopJS is created by Garris Shipon, and it supports screen rendering with phantom, slimerJS and chrome-headless. You can also add your interactions with ChromyJS, Puppeteer and casperJS scripting. BackstopJS has good scriptability, and you will too find it helpful against living component style guides.

Corda is a decentralised database open-source blockchain platform, which is freely available to use with an Apache 2 license. Corda is developed by R3 and 200 technology as well as industry partners for the world‘s 9 million Java developers. Corda makes use of enterprise technologies such as AMQP and relational database. Corda is specially designed for the financial sector and build apps for financial institutions on top of it. Corda is managed by the R3 consortium, which has a collaboration of 70+ finance institutions. Corda’s ultimate objective is to eliminate costly friction in business transactions by avoiding business intermediaries.

YARN is a large scale, an architectural center for big data applications that allows multiple data processing engines such as real-time streaming, interactive SQL data science and batch processing to handle stored data in a single platform. YARN is essential for the central platform and resource management to deliver consistent operations, security, and data governance tools across Hadoop clusters. YARN is the new generation of Hadoop, and our developers are extensively writing applications with vast amounts of data to manipulate it efficiently

Microsoft Azure, formerly known as Windows Azure, is a cloud computing platform for building and hosting Microsoft’s products in their data centers. It is an all-inclusive suite of cloud products, which allows users to build enterprise-class applications without having to build their infrastructure. The Azure Service Platform comprises SQL Azure, Azure App Fabric controller and Windows Azure. We use cloud services for analytics, storage and networking. Microsoft Azure is a PaaS solution for building and hosting new/existing applications in the public cloud

EMQ is a massively scalable MQTT open-source platform for IoT and mobile applications. EMQ is licensed under the Apache Version 2.0. It is written in Erlang/OTP for handling millions of concurrent connections. We have implemented both MQTT v3.1 and V3.1.1 protocol specifications in our projects and have enjoyed the ease of installation as well as use to route messages from different destinations. EMQ supports CoAP, MQTT-SN STOMP, SockJS, and WebSocket, at the same time.

Netlify is an all-in-one workflow that combines continuous integration, global deployment and automatic HTTPS. We make use of Netlify to build, deploy and manage contemporary web projects. It’s a tool-agnostic platform that helps us to go dynamic on our terms, like integrate a favourite tool, choose from built-in add-ons, or roll our own. Netlify has everything that we need to build and deploy a feature-rich website.

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