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One of our UK based clients hired developers from us to build money management tools that can help their customers to organize money transactions in one place. The client wanted to build a system that can enable the overview of personal spending, financial goals, and potential opportunities to achieve budget goals. We successfully build a solution that the client was looking for in a given timeline and budget.

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One of the significant problems that we encountered was to set up an automatic procedure to create transactions. It was indeed challenging to adjust the procedure to create transactions for a specific period.

Core Features

  • We make use of Scheduler to form an algorithm to create transactions by days, weeks, and months.
  • Every day the application itself checks the transactions and their time periods.
  • If the specific transactions such as house rent, electricity bill are made a month ago on a specific time period, then the transaction repeats.
  • If the same procedure is followed for days, months, and years over a specific time period, then the application itself notifies the user considering history.
  • We faced difficulties grouping statistics information and filter it by periodicity, category, and type.
  • Our development team comes up with a suitable algorithm to resolve this issue.

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