Car Image Masking

(Automatically identifies car boundaries in an image)

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The client is the USA’s best-known automobile selling company, mainly focusing on selling second-handcars online.The client provides a fully automated service scheme for online car buying procedure. Over the last one and half decade, the client has helped millions of owners sell their cars online. Even today, the client’s brand is the first and foremost choice for USA’s customers to sell their cars online. The client’s business model has been acclaimed as a pioneer one; thereforethe clientwants successfully implement the latest technology that won’t interrupt the business and will give customers a hassle-free buying experience.



Urgent need of automobile photo editing requirement for thousands of images due to the nature of client’s business required us to work at quick short turn-around times

Core Features

  • The Client’s website serves as a platform to showcase used cars that are ready for sale.
  • The client’s website leveragesthree times the reach with customers than the opponents’ website do.
  • Require a convention rotating 360° photo studio that automatically captures and process 16 standard pictures of every car in their stock.
  • The requirement was to capture high-resolution photographs, remove the shadows, and provide additional effects with comparable colors to meet standard image specification.
  • The client also wanted to leverage time differences with an expert photo editor, so the images received at the end of the day is ready by or before the next day.
  • The client also wanted to analyze a dataset of images, covering various cars with the right budget model specifications.

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